catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Outlook, and I don't mean the MS program

You know one's outlook on life makes or breaks situations. I did some experimenting this morning. I did something different. Before I left for class I told myself that it was going to be a good day and that I was happy (despite that it was 7:30am and very cold)...anyway, people do smile and are cheerful at this time, I guess I've always been to asleep to notice. This week I want to hang out with someone new. I was going to start my exercise program this week, but I think I'll wait until I go to arizona for spring break...School is kicking my ass.

I had some cavities filled on thursday and my jaw and tooth hurts when I chew. It's not a extreme pain and I'm assuming that it's normal since the tooth got the crap drilled out of it, but is that suppose to happen?

*Shrug* Back to class.
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