catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Ho Hum

I just came back from a basic self defense class. You know what amazes me about those classes? Is that a complete lazy person could excel at thatonce they get the concepts. There's nothing more confidence building then throwing a guy 2x your size half way across the room. It actually makes me feel safer. Like today one of the guys threw me, and out of reflex, I spun out of the arm bar before he could set it. Then a second time, I got my foot hooked just right where I'd have a chance of getting out of an arm bar when it was set. This class teaches you to use what nature gave you. I may be small, but I have speed and agility on my side (or so I'm told). I want to try judo. I started learning the basics 2 summers ago, then the instructor got busy.

Nothing important really happened at work. I'm in a management position now.(go me, climbing the ladder and such) This is hardI've been a manager beforebut there was a set regiment and you stuck to it. This basically is my project, my baby, and now I have to figure out how to get it done with two people working on it. I'm not complainingjust treading water. Today was actually semi productive. I got about of the way done on my todo list. I think going in on Sat, and a half day on Sun will get me to the point where the kid who works for me can start doing some productive stuff. I want this database up and running w/o a flaw in 2 Weeks.

Anyway, I should go to bed.
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