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Good morning everyone.

I just woke up to the sound of someone flying a private plane from the Millard Airport. I so want to fly. I'm thinking it's going to be another year before I do. That's ok. I can wait. It makes me jealous of a few friends of mine who fly/navagate for a living.

Last night was the most boring hockey game ever. The fans weren't into it. I was in a terrible mood. I'm not sure why. I'm allowed to have not so good days I suppose. I think it was lack of sleep and the fact I probably sat out 10 songs in a 3.5 hour period Friday. Oh well you're only young once.

I love the quiet mornings like this except I'm actually motivated to both clean and lay here and watch the airplanes. I should stop wasting time and get to work, but I jsut woke up.

Anyway. I'm still alive and I've got two quandries to think about. Also I have the new DMB cd it's pretty good. *yay*

Later Skater

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