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Picking up the pieces one piece at a time

Eventually I realize I have to wake up. But the thing is...I really don't want to. I had an amazing convo with John yesterday....and with my brother. I so love that boy. I also don't feel so helpless about the job situation. There may be a chance at finding something that doesn't totally suck here and staying around, which would be nice for now. I made my decision on what I want to do with the career issues I've been having.

I went to my first CAP meeting. It was great. Plan here is to find $4000 for a PPL. I'm so tempted to steal just once from my 401K so I can do the thing now. Right now I'll just work the finance end, get my pilot's license, work with the cadet corps, and get into the CERT stuff. I also need to finish this Children's Hospital project.

I finally am starting to wake up. Today I so need to finish my homework assignments. I also need to sign up for the math class I want to take. It's either trig or stats. I want to take as much math as possible just to prove to myself I can do it.

I fee alive today. I feel happy. I see where I want to be, frustrated that I'm not there right now, but there's a possible path that way. John is right, might as well kick back and enjoy the show, The situation isn't in my control. I find my heart, though all bruised and crap, healing. It just is going to take a little time.
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