catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Cause I have to much to do...well I'm doing it over dinner from blimpies

30p 1. When were you born: 10/17/19782. Where were you born: In a van down by the river3. What was your first grade teacher's name: Ms. Payne4. What was your first pets name and what was it: Brutus, some sort of German Shepard Thing5. What was your worst accident (medical): The first 3 years of my life6. What was your favorite cartoon: My Little Ponies, Smurfs, anything Disney7. Who was your first best friend: Robin Silk8. When was the first time you ever went on a plane: age 169. Who was your first girlfriend: I never had a girlfriend10. What was your favorite song when you were in the 5th grade: Show me the way11. What was your favorite movie in the 2nd grade: I cant remember back that far12. What did you want to be when you grew up: Trauma room Surgeon13. What used to be your favorite color: Purple14. What was your favorite subject: Music15. Did you ever wet your pants at school: Yes16. Did you ever get sent to the principal: Nope17. Did you ever start a food fight: Never ;)18. What was your worst fear: being locked in a closet (it happened once)19. What was your favorite toy: He-Man, My little ponies, She-ra20. Did you ever suck your thumb: NopePresent21. What time is it: Half past kissing time, time to kiss again22. What's the date: 4/2/0123. What grade are you in: Senior in College24. Who is your best friend: Steve, Jessie, Stephen, Mark, Kristy, Brenda25. What is your favorite movie: Anna and the King26. What is your favorite song: WAY too many to list27. Do you have any pets: A horse and a couple of goats28. If so what are their names: Horse: Three bars south, Goats: Waddles, Ester, Oolie, Billary, Bess, and Lace.29. What was your favorite subject in school: Band30. What color of hair do you have: That is yet to be determined31. What kind of music do you listen to: Anything and everything32. Do you still watch cartoons: Whenever I get the chance. 33. What is your favorite TV. show: Yes Dear34. Do you get online often: Never35. What's your worst fear: Being Trapped36. What's your favorite color: green 37. What state do you live in: I travel the western half of the US38. Do you have a b/f g/f: YES Yes I do39. What's your favorite type of food: Mochas40. Do you drive: I try not to. They get mad when I drive on the sidewalks.Future41. What do you want to be when you grow up: Fulfilled42. Do you want to go to college: Unfortunately Im stuck here till December 43. Do you want to get married: Yes :)44. If so at what age...if not why: When I have proven to myself I can make it on my own45. Do you want to have kids: YesSomeone has to breed to keep the stupidity in the population caused by inbred white trash in check.46. What kind of car do u want: I want a Truckextended bed and cab. Oh, it has to be forest green.47. At what age do you think you'll live to be: 6948. Where do you want to live when you're 35: Someplace warm49. What movie do you want to see next Saturday night: A chick flick50. What time do you think you will go to bed when you're 70 (if you plan to live that long): Ill be resting in eternal peace51. Do you think you will have the same friends as you do now: Ill have more hopefully52. Do you think everyone will be jealous of you at your 10th high school reunion: I dont plan to go. High School was a waste of time.53. Do you want to be president of the U.S. Hell NO54. Do you want to walk on the moon: Nope55. Do you want to be famous: No56. What kind of housing do you want to live in: One that doesnt require me to have my computers in my room57. What color do you think your hair will be when you're 50: Purple58. Do you think you will still have the same personality when you're 60: No, Ill be that weird lady with all the cats on the corner of the block
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