catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Happy arizona statehood day.

Today is Arizona Statehood day. So I babied myself in an antique shop. I bought my sister and I puzzle rings...these are more feminine versions of what my uncle has. I got a locket that I need to find a chain for. Finally I found an aviator's sweetheart cigarette case. It's an AAF circa 1944-1947ish.

So I've been thinking. It's time to develop a poker face. I wear my emotions on a sleeve more often then not. At least I have something to look forward to next weekend. I get Friday off. I hope the triplex I'm looking at moving into is ready by then. 1200 sqft for 575 w/ washer/dryer and garage. It's a beautiful thing since I've decided I won't be settling down in Omaha. I've got my school venture narrowed down to 3 possibilities. Pathology, Bioinformatics or Nursing. I'm kind of scared about moving on. It's time to initiate change.
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