catch22 (catch22) wrote,

New Start

I realize I really get flustered in unfamiliar situations. I'm so used to being micromanaged that on top of this I don't know what to do with myself. So my mid year resolutions are the following

Don't shy away from stating the obvious
...It's the only way to get corrected.

Don't put yourself down.
...most people are willing to do that for
you :)

Don't get involved in the name game except in memorizing names.
...ignorance is bliss.

Spend an hour and a half learning something new.

Stop spending so much money

Start working out again

Get over being shy

Write personal notes to people you care about.

More to come....

On a different note. My apartment is pretty pimp. It's my deeelux apartment in the sky with a view of the merging Interstates/highways. and downtown. It's actually quite pretty in way. There's an old church to the right of my view and that looks like a cool building. The bus thing is going to work out too. I rode it to best buy and it was an exciting time. I thought that the driver was going to hit the people standing on the edge of the sidewalks campaigning for the mayor of Omaha. Sometime this weekend I want to explore downtown Omaha. It's going well, I'm just treading water.
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