catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Contemplateing foul mood and the need for a change. I hate the quiet before the storm. 3 weeks left at the internship and I've learned perl and scored a manual on RS6K. Learned what knowledge was lacking in an Admin career. Saw job for jr Admin in St. Louis, contemplating about sending in resume, though I'll be to late. Contemplating about which direction I want to move. Missing family a great deal. Need to live closer to them. Need to buy car and thus a life...Fuck having the stuff that is cool to do on the other side of town. Loving nice warm Mexican Blanket...Room is fridged due to fear of turning off the AC and breaking it. Wet hair doesn't help matters much either. Devising anti depression plan....turning into a bitter pestimistic (bad very very bad). Need to figure a way to slow down the panic train in mind to a managble attack controlling speed. Need to invest in a new pair of speakers for computer to play random techno beats.
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