catch22 (catch22) wrote,


Today has been semi interesting. I've been on an expression kick. I think for a couple of reasons, like the strong urges I have had lately to create again, The deciding it's time to stop hidingI've become very outgoing. Something I really wasn't prone to after middle school. I've had writers block and haven't been able to create much. I wish there was a way to stop the fading in and out of this sea of creativity. My mentor says write every day. Thus the journals point. I signed up for a writing class for the fall. I've decided to push my research project back a semesterI'm being pulled in two directions, and right now the creative side is winning. The best thing I'm doing right now is letting the logical go for a while. I feel like a child again. What a great feeling. Will write moreI'm off to see fire crackers J

Until next time be good to each other.

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