catch22 (catch22) wrote,

So can beggers be choosers

I just got a job offer at a place that I really don't want to work at now. The thing is the guy reniged on the salary agreement which was lower. The other thing is I think I'm worth more then what they are offering and with a little bit of luck can land something else. I think I fill the requirements of this job perfectly and probably could be working on my own within a week. Which means I don't need to start out at the entry level pay if I'm not entry level quality. I mean honestly. This might not be the time to do this but since it's a employers market, but the way I look at it is I could always join the military.

The way I look at it, right now I'm not going to settle for 2nd best. I could be happy in Omaha. Really I could, however it's the easy road and I think I need to shoot for something that I deserve. Call it a new self esteem boost. A couple of phone calls and some string pulling, and I can survive until I get a job.

So anyways So much for my suspending time. If only I was a magician.
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