catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Hrm it's been a while

I am finishing up my project at work. The one that I was suppose to have 12 weeks to do it in but in actuality only had 6 weeks. Talk about a bitch of a job. I've given up on the data entry. I figure until this database goes live they would have to go through again and do retro data update (RDU). I go live next tuesday. My tech guys that do the server/mainframe stuff are gone on vacation next week (convinent) eh? Well I have some mop up to do, a staff to train, and the financial hooks to test...GUess it's going to be a 60 hour week for me. *YAY* I feel really good about this then I get the feeling I forgot something. Anyways I am going to go play bingo with my mom. Maybe I'll get lucky and win some money.
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