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What a beautiful day this has been. What a wonderful day it's been too. I found another chick that I can relate to. This is something that's really hard for me to do. She comes to pub club with our team. I also had a directional talk with my new boss. I think I'll probably end up sticking around in Omaha...unless it starts sucking really bad. I'm so stoked today. I got a package of CD's and I love them. I recommend SugarCult.

I feel like I'm getting my footing back. There are some issues still and God I hope I handled those right, but only time will tell. This getting away from the computer is a good's kind of like riding a bike after not for a long time. You feel stupid again when starting the habit again and then it becomes second nature. I'll tell you this for what my batting record is with bad deals and what has happened this time, I feel like a better person.

God I hope I have more days like today. Anyway I'm out to do something while it's still sunny.

Here's the song I love at the moment

Bouncing off the walls --Sugarcult

"I'm bouncing off the walls again
I'm looking like a fool again
I threw away my reputation
one more song for the radio station
I'm bouncing off the ewalls again
I'm looking like a fool again
waking up on the bathroom floor
pull myself back together just to fall once more
and my hearts beating on my chest
and this town is mstill making me sick
and every pinny from my last paycheck
I've blown it on you
I'm bouncing off the walls again
I'm looking like a fool again
so go ahead and take a picture
and hang it up so you can tear me down
I don't care
cause I'm still here
and I've got nothing left to lose
with all the years I've wasted on you
mom and daddy's got the best cocaine
ntalin's never gonna feel the same
twentyfour hours on an empty brain
I got my finger on the trigger and you're in my way
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