catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Heh I love this song.

"Lotta locomotion,
that's what I need
if we are ever gonna
pick up speed.
I've got the notion,
made up my mind,
lotta locomotions what I'm
Gonna find.

Travel'n song
and I'm on the move
I've got the right dream for today
Don't know where I'm going
but I'm on my way.
Look out for the signal
I'll let you know
When you should stop
and when you should go

Lotta locomotion,
that's what I need
if we are ever gonna
pick up speed.
from the eastern ocean
to the western coast
gonna find the motion
that can move me most..."

I'll spare the rest. It's from Starlight Express for those who care. I am sooo totally exhausted and like doing the asthma thing right now. Kind of sucks but things could be worse. uptime equals almost 30 hours. I want to do a few more things before I crash...I may just sit down and crash now. I hope not. I really am not too tired. I just had like my caffiene filled rescue asthma med, and an ultra biggie mocha, and a coke and orange juice (that was thrown in to make me look like I eat healty sometimes.)....Anyway fuck this I'm starting over.
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