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Shivering with anticipation. I feel like one of those people who may have hit the landing at the right speed and time...and here I thought I was a clutz. I'm already training to take a project and be lead. Another one project will keep me employed and the third is giving me ins with all the people who know how to get stuff done. I feel in the zone with life...I guess that's a good description. It's like swimming. I loved swimming the way it felt to be moving through the water knowing the exact amount of energy needed to overcome the resistance and hydroplane. To feel somewhat physically fit again and have a smidge of muscle tone back. To have energy.

I feel like a kid again. If my allergies would go away life would be perfect. Today at work everything broke and people were grumpy and still shell shocked from D.R. My script broke for some reason out in NY to which I have a couple ideas to fix...The script needed a rewrite anyway... But it's a cool feeling the whole making things work for reals.

OK I'm showering getting in fuzzy pjs, and curling up with Mr. Potter tonight....after I pick up cat food (poor kitty)
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