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It's the one thing he never had in his whole entire life and it was once again to good to be true because his obscurity and her elusiveness met once again in the passing of generations. He kept wondering why she acted like this. On the holidays she would invite him to eat with her was never his family, and never will be now that Nancy has passed away. He always hoped that it might be someday. She looks so much like her mother. He gave her did everything he could when she moved into his home after her father passed away. She bonded with her mother then. He was always the bad guy.
He remembered the screaming matches they had like it was yesterday. They were over what dress she was going to wear to Sunday School, which friends she was going to spend the night at, her curfew, The boys she dated in college, The man she married. He never felt that it was his place to get involved. Maybe subconsciously he just wanted to be the favorite parent. The blue Buick he use to drive pulled up to the double doors. Sammy got out of the car. He watched her ponytail swing left and right until she took a flying leap into his lap.
"Hey short stuff. Where's your mom?"
"She's coming, mom's just slow."
"Hi Charlie."
"Mary. How are you doing?"
"It's the same old, same old, Charlie, the boys got into a fight and so I only brought Sammy. We should get going, I want to get dinner on the table before it gets to late and people start bitching. Last Thanksgiving was such a treat..."
"Hey Sammy, grandpa forgot to sign out at the front desk would you like to go do it for him? Just tell the nice lady that you're taking Mr. Jackson to have thanksgiving dinner with you."
"OK grandpa."
"You know Mary, you shouldn't cuss in front of her, she might pick it up."
"Yes daddy."
"You know I wish you really meant it when you were calling me that."
"You aren't my father. If you wanted to be you would have acted like it when you had the chance."
"Mary, honestly I don't know why you invite me every year"
"Why do you come then Charlie?"
"To be called grandpato see your mother smiling back at me in Sammy's eyes. To hear Nancy's laughter on the rare occasion you laugh and mean it and it's not for the children's sakelike when the boys do or say something goofy"
"The lady said we can go now grandpa."
"Ok sweetheart, get in the car and buckle up, we wouldn't want to keep grandpa waiting."
"I could have been different."
"It never will be Charlie. Sorry."
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