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Zen and the art of Dry Walling (no editing was done so shove off :))

I called my father up today, because he's a wise man in the way of drywalling. The conversation went as followed:

"Dad, how do you dry wall ceilings? Do you just slap the whole sheet up there (whole sheet being 4'x8'x.5")"

"Carrie, what did you break, and whose house are you at?"

"I didn't break anything. I'm at my friends house and he's finishing his basement. (I'm not sure why my father thinks when I ask how to do a home repair.)"

So he proceeds to tell me how to dry wall. (Now I know how to drywall a room properly in case anyone wants to know ;)) So after learning about running scabs and what the proper way to frame and what not is. (there's more then one way to frame a room, but I got what the standard way was.)

Then it ended up being a tape and mud joint thing because the ceiling is now going to be suspended. I love taping/mudding. It's soo much fun. I'm not very fast at it, but I think the first experiment looks ok based on what I had to work with :). So we mudded, and I can tell you that oustide joints are much more better then inside joints. Wall seams are better then any corners.

So here is my parting wisdom. When drywalling yourself, find some chicks who are good with tools to help.
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