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Something sappy, unedited and very roughly written grammatically too tired to spell check too.:)

I highly recommend everyone try out the whole being in love thing. Totally letting go and seeing where it leads you. I'm playing the game again it seems. I've lucked out and found another great guy. My life right now is blessed with great guys. I have my family who raised me to be not quite girly but, left enough traces that I'd not be a total circus freak, then there are my guy friends who I end up having really interesting conversations with about life and death and everything in between. Then there's the current boyfriend...where it started out as him being a "safe" friend. Neither of thought remotely of having what we have and I thank God every day for what has developed.

I feel like I'm on the same path on the same level with this guy. I don't even know how to even explain this at's not the whole flying giddy shit that you see girls walking around with when they find someone. I've experienced that before. That's kind of like lightning and thunder...

This is more like a comfort thing and soo much more. It's like that one comfortable pair of jeans. It's like that then the fact that he makes me feel absolutely beautiful...that is something new...guys have been "you're pretty" and I've been "yeah right". But even in a pair of jeans with holes in it, and an oversized t-shrit...covered in joint compound, with hair that probably hadn't seen a brush since the day before...and in horrible need of a shower....I felt like a supermodel. And I'm one of the biggest female dorks that have ever walked the face of the earth.

The main thing is the way he seems to understand me...the way he listens to me and looks at me. I can't even put that into words...This is just amazing because I have very weird theories on life.

I've questioned every facet of why on this. The only thing I can come up with as an conclusion is his explaination of this...serendipity...this is one of those relationships where you know both parties will benefit from even being attempted. It's kind of like if we stay on this path, what ever happens is not wrong or bad.

I think it's the kind of thing that two people can only experience when they have the following: are on the same maturity level, have a certain level of trust, really understand where the other person is coming from, and both sides put in 110% commitment wise. I could be really twitterpated but the closest I can come to explaining this is one of those things where it's not really a journey to any particular just is.

I said my def of love is the following:
Love == being with that person at the end of the day when you're too exhausted to carry on, you try to carry each other up the flights of stairs to be together not just in a sexual type of way, though that's pretty fun, but where there's this connection...where you can see each other for who you and they are.

This is the person I want with to help live that ideal.
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