catch22 (catch22) wrote,

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The dark side of me

I have this side I hide deep inside.
Away from the light of day.
I sit on top of it's cage and stare.
It use to be raging and angry.
It threatened to pull the roof of the sky down on us all.
Then it went to sleep.
Sinking deeper inside of me.
Occassionally there is a primal roar,
betrayed in a kick that makes the heavy bag swing.
It rattles it's cage and then sits down.
Confused and plotting it's escape.
It's guarded...Sometimes let up to the surface, but always in chains.

Chains attached to the goodness bound to it and stronger at the moment.
They need each other.
Good being the kind captor.
Evil being the shapening stone and billows where the soul is forged, crafted, tempered and tested until it's time to move on.
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