catch22 (catch22) wrote,

What is Heaven?

So I'm reading this book "Myths Dreams and Religion: Eleven Visions of Connection" and it talks about the Western world's perception of Hell and Heaven. It talked about how Hell has grueling details and Heaven is very ambiguous. Take the artist's persception of Heaven and Hell....Hell is painted with very visual details of torture and suffering...and Heaven is usually abstract ideas harps, clouds, shiny buildings, people looking demure. Why is it that our society can't depict Paradise as well as they depict Hell?

So I sat there pondering, and I understand, when I write stories it's easier to build a plot when there's an insurmountable conflict that the hero has to struggle against. I've written stories that really have no Huge conflict....they were flat, but then again, I'm not gifted in the ways of writing.

But I digress...What if we were to put out media of non negative things? What would become of our Society then? I've been told from day one that the world is getting more and more evil and what exactly is wrong with the it's not as good as it use to be in the old days. No one talks about what is right with the world.

I really am just babbling because I have an extra five minutes to kill, but the last paragraph has a point to it. That is...the world really hasn't changed from the old days. It's gotten a couple of face lifts but it's hard to truly change human nature. Pretty much, it's the same missing the repressiveness in our open society most likely linked to the sexual revolution. I leave on this thought. If we concentrated more on where we are going and what exactly it is that we want rather then what is keeping us from where we want to go and placing blame, would it be easier to Make Heaven/Paradise a unabstract place/idea?
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