catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Doggie School

I feel really great tonight. I just got back from dog obedience class with the pound puppy we got our mother for mothers day. This mutt is a Border collie. He was a stray in the city.
Here's a word about border collies. They are like 5 year olds with ADD who are naturally type A personalities. Unless you plan to spend as much time with this dog as you would your 5 year old child, DO NOT GET ONE!!! What happens to these poor dogs is they end up in pounds. Get depressed, etc. On the plus side, border collies bond very well with people. They are extremely sensitive animals. Ours will do naughty puppy things like chew on expensive leather shoes if he feels ignored. An hour of fetch cures that though.
After having this dog pull on me to get to the puppy class (he wanted the go herd), I was curious, so I let him in with some sheep. Boy did he have a hay day. It was quite amazing though. He put them in the barn in less than 5 minutes. So I chased them out again. And he did the same thing again. To the best of my knowledge he's had no training of this. Aren't instincts wonderful?

I decided I'm type A personality. At work it was really slow and it drove me bonkers. I'm at a standstill with my project until I get equipment. Of course being that I have a deadline�this equipment is not coming as fast as I need it (80-hour weeks here I come). Every other job I have had there was always something that could be fixed, cleaned, etc, etc, etc. This job I pushed paper from one pile to another. People scoff at me for being this way. I just figure you go to work to work. I work with another guy from a different dept. he makes me feel like a slacker. He gets paid the same wage I get and does 2 times the work�.but mine is more technical I guess shrug Well I have to make cookies now, so I should close this.

Until next time be good to each other.
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