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Random sleepless babble

Sometimes I wonder if we all started out being able to see everything for what it was from birth. I think there are angels and devils and everything in between out there. That’s another theory for later though…so I think we start out being able to sense everything in this world. As we get older we filter what isn’t acceptable, what we can’t handle or want to handle out. Then we end up in the current situation we are in now. There are people who go slower down this path or not down it at all. I think these are the kooks in the world…the people who don’t know how to relate to the reality that is defined by the mainstream. Then I think that there are people who remember how to see, feel, etc whatever and figure a way to pull off the blinders. I think this happens in near death experiences or moments of truth. Sometimes I think the blinders are a good thing…otherwise it’s like looking at the sun without protection…it’ll hurt. I think being over stimulated for long extended periods of time is not the best thing to have happen to you. There’s a cost for everything. Is it worth staying completely sane and naïve being locked in one reality when there are so many more out there. Panoramic vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it fucking sucks.
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