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The office was about the size of a walk in closet. There was just enough room for a small desk, two chairs and what looked like an altar, which was stacked high with artifacts from worlds long gone. The recognizable items were fresh cut flowers, a jar of water, and candles of all colors. There were also photographs on the altar. The faces were all somber and serioussome of them were deities long forgotten by the western world, others were of saints from the Christian religion. There was a cross, old and dusty, hanging on the wall about twenty inches above the tallest candle.

Dr. Agular, Im Ella Smith, I was referred

Yes, yes, I know. I was just going over your chart. Sit, sit, sit. I was told about your problem and I have an idea that might help you.

Oh thank you...

I need some more information to know for sure. Heres what I have. You feel numb to the world. You use to feel suicidal but dont any more for reasons you arent sure of. You have trouble letting people close to you. The standard drugs for depression havent helped. Anything I missed?

Nightmares. I have nightmares I can feel but I cant remember what theyre about but I wake up screaming or crying. I havent been able to feel anything. Everything is numb.

I have an ideaa theory that might help you, its unorthodox, its dangerous. I promise you that I wouldnt suggest it unless I thought there was that it would help you.

What is it?

Tell me are you Christian?


Your being is made up of 3 parts: physical, emotional, spiritual. Your physical is not the problem since you seem to be of good health. Your spiritual seems ok since you still have hope, you wouldnt be trying to help yourself if you didnt. My guess its your emotional part. Now live all three parts have to be healthy. You can survive if two of the three parts are alive. We can in a way, jumpstart the third part with the other two, but you have got to want to try and you have got to believe.

Ok, I still dont understand.

There are lore stories in the ancient civilizationsIndian civilizations, about there being a separate world, a parallel world where you subconscious goes. My thought after hearing about your case, then talking to you is that in this world somehow your emotional part was trapped. To gain access consciously to this world, you would need to take a drug that would kind of act like a hallosonogen. The strength is the sliding factor here. Take one thats weak, and you can only scratch the surface. Take one to strong and you cant consciously control the situation. The problem is this drug isnt orthodox medicne. Its full effects arent know. Theres a potential for addiction if used to often. I suggest starting in the middle of the known range and then work one way or the other. The procedure is as follows. You take this drug, then I hypnotize you. In this trance-state, your concentration isnt distracted by outside influences. Its here you can confront and search for what has happened to you emotional side. The dangerous part of this procedure comes from the possibility of your spiritual part getting lost in this world. This is where I come in. We will be keeping contact physically through tactile contact.
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