catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Just what the doctor ordered.

My day's events were:

Woke up late,

showered cause I was still sticky (I miss the lack of humidity in Arizona for 10 of the 12 months)

Sat around at work and broke things on my palm while checking out backups

Proving that we have 99.5% success in backing up any data that was mounted to the servers (it's actually 100% because the one file system that didn't back up is a control work station and nobody cares about those)

Went to a meeting to dicuss our Gallup Poll results on how cool it is to work for my company and what kind of action plan is needed to make it cooler.

Drank Beer at the upstream downtown

Talked to the other unmarried chick who works in my area (She's from AZ too YAY)

Drove home and napped

Now I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet. I think this is exactly what I needed at the moment. I'm just letting my mind run by itself....I mean normally I spend alot of time analyzing stuff and trying to figure things out....tonight I'm just listening to the quiet....well as quiet as it can be with my cat being around.

I'm mostly good. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the right spot...I mean I don't feel I'm making a huge contribution to the world working in my job. I keep wanting to create something and keep falling stright on my ass. Maybe somday I will succeed.
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