catch22 (catch22) wrote,

What A day.

"There's nothing wrong with a little scandal" --Matt Meyers 1999

That's the new quote that is hanging in my cubical today. I have a good friend working in this office, and one of the summer help has become twitterpated with our young warehouse manager. (I think we found our winner for most annoying when twitterpated.) Being the kind gentle soul he is, he doesn't want to hurt this girl's feelings. He told her straight out right he didn't like her and she didn't get it.

So Mr. Warehouse and I are "seeing each other" and getting married or something like that. (Not really) I usually don't do this for people but since it's a good friend of mine, I decide why not. Scandal is good right? Unfortunately the plan went into effect today w/o me knowing. So this girl comes over and starts asking me questions about my boyfriend...I have one who I miss dearly because he's in Lincoln. Not thinking, I start babbling about him. Then I got a weird look and the convo was over. I thought the whole thing weird.

About two hours later, I was sitting in my boss's office babbling to him about how I love our wonderful system...and this girl keeps peeking in the office. So my boss was all "what's up with that, knowing about the rumor that is going around" It's ammusing. Anyways. By hearsay(sp) I'm a hussy or something...with a BF in every state. The funny thing is I've only been in about 15 or so, and most just driving through. So this girl is not liking me at the moment. I'll probably get my ass kicked to defend Mr. Warehouse's honor...or something. Gotta love office chatter. More ribbing to come on this inside office joke I am sure. I wonder if being a Good friend somehow will make me a bad Girl Friend. No, I haven't kissed Mr. Warehouse and won't.

On a different note. I'm debating on going to workout or not. I need my motivation back I guess. I'm trying to convince myself that I WANT to get up at 4:30 so I can go swim laps at done by 7 and at work at 8. Try seems the oprative word. It might end up that way if I have to teach lifeguarding in the next month. For atleast 3 weeks. Summers are suppose to be relaxful right? My DB should be up tomorrow...or theoretically it should. They are giving me a warm body to help get it running in an insane ammount of time. No worries. It'll be up. I'm hoping in 4 weeks. I figure I can put the following on my resume.

Redesigned Database to aid in user friendliness. Responsible for coordinating efforts between data entry personel and design staff. Responsible for training department staff how to use database. Troubleshooting God. Able to make things appear out of thin air overnight (well a couple of 16 hour days will do the trick.) Saw project from start to finish.

You get the picture, I'm being silly. I left out the whole "real annoyingly persistant" That's the way to go to get something done though. You check up on the status of your stuff. I've got the nickname badger. To bad I don't go to school where that's a mascot, otherwise I might take it as a compliment. :) My boss was like What happened? You use to be so quiet and sweet and all not wanting to make decisions.

Ladies when quiet/sweet doesn't work. Then you have to be loud and obnoxious. Fortunately I have brothers and sisters....I've played that roll before.

I realize this has many grammar/spelling errors in it but I'm waiting for a phone call and I'm on a dumb term, so I really don't care at the moment. Please excuse them, I'm really not as ignorant as this makes me look.

I think it's time to wrap this up and decorate my cubical some more.

Until next time be good to each other

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