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Good morning!

It is 6am and Saturday, and I'm completely awake. I guess that is what happens when you take a nap get up, to fix, eat, and digest dinner then go back to bed. I got about 10 hours of sleep.

Yesterday was interesting in the fact that one of the Sun Admins resigned to take a job at another company downtown. Our manager called us all down for a meeting and was completely choked up when he told us. I swore someone died, or was sick and what not. Then we went to pub club where a couple Seniors and management joined us...this is why I ended up at this bar way too long. When I left they were like "We'll tell you what you're supporting Monday." That is a pretty scarry thought because the guy who's leaving actually does the work of about 5 people and his customers are spoiled because he was available to them 24/7.

What the fuck is on the river right now? They're talking about the Mayan Indian culture. Listening to the spanish makes me remember my childhood when things were simple. I should have gone to mexico and become completely bilingual. That might be still attainable. I could practice spanish with my brother and father.

Regarding life I can only run for so long. It's easy to say pick a direction and go. The thing is this will work out for the best what ever happens. I do believe in destiny to an extent and I bileve when one door closes others may be the same doors that are open and you may have to retrace steps to get to a different place, but there is never a dead end.

I'm going back to bed. Oh I saw a silverfish today in real cat was chsing it, now I'm wondering how many there are in this place. I really want to move. I want to run. Then I realize that I've worked tooo hard here to throw the progress away. I really don't regret anything that has happened, I just get weary sometimes and need to stop and rest.
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