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My vent to calm me down a bit.

I am sick of this fucking bull shit! I am this close to telling that select few to go fuck off and leave me alone. I'm fucking human...I make mistakes, but the difference between me and you (those of you know who you are) is I don't fucking go off and say mean fucking hurtful things and then appologize and expect everything to be forgiven. I've fucked up on this but I fucking did my best. The thing is I learn from my mistakes. And believe me I learned novels from all of you!

So what have I learned? I'm not taking anymore shit from you co-dependent assholes, fucking morons who ego is getting a little too big then it should be, and those who can't fucking control their temper. I'm not dealing with you again until I've calmed down some and you want to level with me.

So if I'm not talking to you there's a reason I'm not talking to you. This is not a god damned picnic for me either. The easiest thing for me to do find a place to put blame and I haven't done that infact I've accepted more then my fair share. This is what has been delt. It sucks, it hurts. But fucking grow up and deal with it.

Proof that I've learned something in past year: I refuse to feel guilty for knowing what I feel is right. I refuse to pretend something is ok when it is not and WILL NEVER BE. I use to have a low self esteem, and would allow myself to get dumped to the point where I got sick. But fuck you all I'm dealing with my demons fucking deal with yours.
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