catch22 (catch22) wrote,

PLaying with an idea for a story Tell me what you think

Kevin paced up and down the hall that led to the bedroom waiting for the phone to ring. His mind raced, screeching to a sudden halt as he passed the bathroom and noticed that the fluorescent light was flickering spastically. There was a blinding white colored light followed by a duller fleshy pink.
I need to remember to fix that before I leave for China. He thought.
The old house had the smell of age and wisdom. It had an old musty sensation even though the housekeeper he had hired made it sanitary enough that he could eat off the floors. He knew how to pick quality. Kevin despised this house, but there was something that kept drawing him back.
Kevin was at the end of the hall once again. He stared at the figure that stood before him in the two and a half by five-foot mirror hanging on the wall. The figure was that of a thirty-year-old going on sixty. The sunken eyes and exhausted stance reflected his story.
There were glimmers in this figure's eyes. That of the 5 year old boy who use to tie a blanket around his neck and he was superman; flying down the hall ready to save the weak with mom yelling at him to slow down because he was going to crack his head open. Then there was the grounded 10 year old boy who was beaten black and blue by the school bully; a fight Kevin didnt start but finished the voice of mom was there again angry on the surface but deep down he heard the pride of a son who did good. The 16-year old boy sneaking in after countless hours spent at Dennys and the lake with the girl next door, his first and only love. Mom was heard in the sound of light breathing, she never knew.
The shell-shocked thirty-year-old returned with a disappointed look on his face. Kevin turned in disgust.
Giving up is not an option.
With an about face, Kevin marched through the Living room, past the dining room, into the kitchen to the butchers table. The plastic of the old rotary phone was unusually cold. 1-4-1-1.
Tucson Medical Center
Room 543 please.
God I hope shes there.
West wing nurses center.
Um, hi. Im looking for Katherine McNab, this is her son Kevin.
Just a second sir. Shes still getting CAT scans done
Werent they supposed to do that this morning? She should have been finished by now.
Some of the other tests took a little longer then expectedI can tell her you called.
That wont be necessary, I just got into town an hour ago and Ill be down there in a half hour.
Thank you for your help.
Have a nice day.
Kevin was amazed at how nurses and hospital staff could sound so perky when people were suffering around them. He stomped back to the hall that led to the bedrooms. Halfway down he stopped and peered into the mirror once more. The figure, in his charcoal gray business suit from JC Pennys
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