catch22 (catch22) wrote,

So today I ended up sitting and pondering my purpose. Then I went to my Jaycee meeting and during the presentation on what Jaycees are about I had an idea. I've actually been kicking this idea around a while. I think it might be worth while to coordinate with a nursing home or an assisted living home and see if we could set up an adopt a grandparent or something like that. Where you just go in and visit with you're person. i'm thinking that maybe we could do like a mass visitation time and then afterwards wander and get something to eat and play pool or bowl or something like that. My grandmother lives in an assisted living home. There was a mormon church who use to do things with the residents there and she'd talk about those activities for months after they were over.

I want to think about this some more before I pitch the idea. I'm also getting involved with Brush Up Nebraska so if anyone wants to paint houses on the 10th and 17th of August let me know :)
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