catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Fucked up dream

So I had this dream where I walked outside and someone had stolen shit from my vechicle. There were wires and shit hanging out from under the hood. People were moving out of the buildings and throwing their shit out of windows in tupperware containers and stuff. I almost got hit and bitched out some guy for doing that. So I wake up in my dream and find myself in my apt and I look out the window and think I see someone fucking around in the cab of my vehichle. So I run out on the balcony to look and still think I see someone. I run outside to my truck with my keys, and no one was there. So I was like what the fuck and sat in my truck for a minute. I looked to make sure no one was there and then I locked it back up and went back to my apt. It seemed so real...kind of disturbed about this.
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