catch22 (catch22) wrote,

So Tonight was interesting. I got to drive home at 3am and I'm still alive. On my way home I noticed how dark it was. Then what few cars driving by on the interstate I'd wonder about. I mean you see tons of truckers and you know thier story but I'm talking about The car goign by me at 90 mph Were they cheating on their SO? Were they trying to get to family in who are sick or in trouble? Were they racing home to see a loved one? Do they speed habitually? So then I wondered if people were wondering the same thing. So my story would be I was going home. Home where I'm completely and totally safe and at peace. The little piece of the universe I borrow for myself.

THen I started thinking about the last words I said. ANd what this comedian said. About how we need to relearn how to laugh, love and have fun. If Omaha or Lincoln blew up could I forgive myself for letting things go like this?

Now I'm watching "What dreams may come and crashing on my couch cause I"m too lazy to clean off my bed."
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