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So I got home an hour late from work. I'm not as pissed as other co-workers would be. Here was the situation. I was told by a co worker that he'd add the routes I needed to about 15 servers it's not that hard, and I even gave him all the information he needed. So I say cool. I go through all the servers and change 3 scripts on each server to go through this new route. Then I let everyone know what I was doing. That was mistake number 1 I guess. Before I had to leave the fuckwad on the pager this week decided he cares about what's being backed up and decides to test the scripts. The convo basically went like this.

Fuckwad: (confrontational) There are network errors when I run these scripts. I was like let me see something.

Me: Of course they don't work the route hasn't been put in.

Fuckwad: I thought you couldn't change routes during the week.

Me: This is concidered a return to service issue so it's allowed.

Fuckwad: Well he's not here so everything that backs up to this server needs to be backed up. Honestly I'd think you'd wait till the routes were put in before you changed the scripts.

Me: Next time I'll do that. Lets call this guy and see when he's going to change the routes back before I leave.

Fuckwad: (Glare)

So I page the guy and he tells me he can't do what he said he'd do after I told him I was changing scripts and he needed to do that work today or teach me how to do it. Then he asked why they needed to be changed back. I said they're not in conformance with the backup policy, They're going over a channel wich needs to be cleared so the TSM guys can get an accurate guess on what they're going to need by way of backup time for a new terabite+ project. Plus this was suppose to be fixed after the switch was brought online again. I have no problem changing these back but this is kind of a hanging issue.

When I do shit on production server, I make damn sure I have records. So I'm going through my records and making a check list.

Fuckwad: here I ran a dsh dsmc command to show you which boxes need to be changed on complex one.

Me: (Not Looking up) I have the info already thanks though

Fuckwad: Look, the ones highlighted are what you need to change.

Me: Thanks

five minutes later

Fuckwad: Here are some more boxes I forgot to include.

Me: (after deciding not to let this piss me off) THanks.

So fuckwad leaves and I decide to go through every box and ensure there's going to be no problem with the script.

I decided I could become bitter and stressed like these guys or not become these guys. So I change everything, check everything update the documentation I've been building so I can have any report that any Manager could ever wants within 5 minutes. Then I send out an email to the people who wanted this fixed 3 weeks ago, fuckwad, the other guy and I basically cover my ass and show that I care that this dick who only cares about things when he's the one whose going to get paged. Include a new report that's uptodate. And offer to help manage the paperwork that's needed for this to work.

The reason I'm bothered is I can tell you when the last time a backup failed because it was our bad. This guy was trying to pretty much acting like an ass because he's worried he's going to get paged. The backup guys love me because I'm actually getting shit done for them where this guy wasn't able to. Maybe this is why I got put on backups.

Anyway enough venting I'm out.
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