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You know, I look at the life I have. It's nice. I've got stuff people wish they had. I sit there and think "there's got to be more to life then this." Here's where problems begin. Sometimes I think it would be easier if one could go to work associate with work people go to a given activity and go home then go out then go to bed and repeat.

I remember being a little kid and seeing such wonder in everything and everybody. I wish I could live like that again. I think the difference there is when we were kids we didn't know what the rules were. As we grew and learned the rules were explained to us. Once that imprent happens it's hard to get rid of it. It's like the word chair, you don't associat a large intelligent mammal who makes trumpeting sounds, has tusks, and big ears. You think 4 legs a place to sit and some sort of back. I think I subscribe to the whole "you are free to create you own world" theory. The catch though for it to exsit, you have to build it. No one is going to build it for you.

Just a thought
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