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I just found out I"m going to get an interview invite with JDEdwards. *yay* Then I called my sister to tell her and got my ass chewed about six or several random things. Well not really an ass chewing but just a "You're really stupid and stuff" attitude. I so can't take it anymore.
I mean I try to understand she's decided she can work full time take and finish an undergraduate CS degree in a year and have some simalance of a life. But I really can't deal with her and her blowing up at people shit this semester. I'm afraid I'm going to say or do something that I'll regret.

Sigh. Anyways back to the grind of homework and such. On a positive note, I got a new comptuer. A 667 MHz, 132 Megs, 48X CDRom, 10 gig HD and a 17 inch monitor for 400 dollars. *yay*
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