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Fun personal Update about female things

This has been one hellish week. I was 15 days late. To top that off I had enough pms symptoms to feel orders for about 50 cycles. So now is time to get on hormones to regulate this whole darn-fangled female thing. I didn't put much stock in the psychological side of PMS until I was crying for no reason, snapping at people for doing normal things, and being goofy one minute and bitchy the next. I thought I was cracking up seriously. Then to add about My boyfriend handled it well. This lasted pretty much all week. To top it all off I had 2 tests, one major project/presentation, and a ten page story due that well as 15 critiques on other short stories to write.

It's all stress. I keep on being told that I have these ultra high expectations that I need to lower a bit. So since that's never going to happen, I'm on hormones now. I'm not a big fan subscriber to the whole pop this pill and make this problem go away. But it's worth a shot. I just hope I'm not making the wrong choice. It's probably nothing to worry about, I just like to worry.

So now I'm kinda emotionally drained. 2 more weeks and I'll be in Arizona once again *yay*
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