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The best show in town was the crowd

The crowd...pure insanity. I managed to make it on 10/11 news at 6pm. I'm very proud of our media at the moment. First of all with our university paper for not falling to the level of the Daily Nebraskan by taking cheap shots. Then I'm proud of the news groups for not giving the protest groups the press they so obviously want. There were anti Clinton, anti Abortion, and Anti Gay Rights people out here today (fyi my dash key isn't working).

These people are insane. What are they trying to accomplish? I recognize their right to protest, but The anti abortion people had this van with nice graphic pictures of a full term aborted baby in peaces. They also decided to protest right by a class of kindergarteners and when the teachers asked them if they would tilt their signs a little so the children wouldn't have to view them. These protesters started yelling and screaming at the teachers...great lets try to protect the unborn while traumatizing the children currently living. The local media didn't give them the publicity they so badly wanted.

I'm very proud of this university and town for showing their best face.
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