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I had the most amazing night's sleep and the most amazing dream.

It went something like this (I'm sparing details that are way personal here). When I was 6-12 I use to go visit my grandparents for a week in phx. This was the setting of the dream. I was sitting there talking to my grandfather (one who has passed away from brain cancer) and I looked like I was 8 but I had my maturity and intelligence from today. So I was painting and the sun was coming into the Arizona room through the virtical blinds and my grandmother was cooking dinner. We had this talk, which still warms me up even as I type this and am late for when I wanted to be at work. I have so much stuff I need to get my sorry ass up to do, but everything is waiting until next week. That's when I start rolling out plans, and delivering. You all have a wonderful day.
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