catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Good moods gone bad....not really

I know I haven't written in a while, but I've been busy. So today I got up...Did all the morning stuff that us women have to do (on a minimal scale for me of course since I don't wear make up) Then I went to class. I must be stupid or something because I'm in Organic chemistry and I'm a Computer Science major...(the logic train derailed or something when I set this degree in stone) So I'm sitting in Organic and I'm feeling rather shitty. So after Organic I go and get some coffee from the new coffee house they opened across from the science building. Coffee and Tanning are the services they offer. Wired combo, but after looking at my life, who am I to talk? So I got enough caffiene to keep a small child hyper for 2 weeks between the coffee and colas I got and walked to work. I work in a dept where I'm concidered smart...(So I like working there because that doesn't happen to often...being concidered smart)....I'm still in a crappy mood mind you....I start organizing this manual I'm writing for one of the courses they teach. Then one of their lab computers breaks. I'm thinking great I have to install all these crappy programs again since they don't run UNIX type stuff.

Then my day turned for the better.

I managed to fix the problem by deleting stupid programs that shouldn't be on there anyways. I had to test the computer to make sure it wouldn't break again, so I drank my coffee and opened every program on the computer and did stuff to it. This took some time so I didn't have to do the mundane crap that I don't know how to do since I don't really want to do. This was a greatly needed break. Because the caffiene made my headache and cramping go away. So I was mirthful and then started working on the survey I need to include with this manual. Which made me even more happy since my boss loved the idea and currently is singing my praise at the dept. staff meeting...meetings I don't go to because of time constraints. So I managed to push my mood up. Then this annoying girl decided she needed to sit with me in this lab and ask me supid questions like how do I save stuff on microsoft word? Normally I don't mind but today I did....I usually help, this girl was talking out loud saying I wish the computer would do this for me and I wish I knew how to do this...I wish I wasn't stupid and lost my disc that contained my resume.....It gets annoying ok?

My mood was at risk of deflating like the industry. Then my boyfriend saved the day by sending me the sweetest email. It made me feel all bubblely inside. So I left this whinny stupid girl who doesn't even go to this school alone in the lab and went to class. My mood being good still.

This class consists of group projects which we have to create an E-catalog. I lucked out and got a good group and this keept my mood good. The bad thing is our project goals aren't set in stone by our contact person, and now we have more stuff we have to do on top of the huge project due in 2 months.

Here's a little note on the class I'm taking. It's a capstone class where you apply the knowledge you have towards a real life problem. Our contact point has decided that our real life problem needed to be mucked up more then what she told us in the initial meeting. This frustrates me. First of all you don't get to pick what your real life problem is about, then also you have to pay to do something the contact person is going to sell. YOU DON"T GET PAID for it. I have a problem with paying to work for free for someone who ultimately is going to be making money because of your work. Even if we patient it the university still owns part of it. SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY.

Regardless I'm still in a decent mood. I just had to tell my bf that I have 2 times as much shit that I have to accomplish between now and tuesday and I won't be going with him to KC. This kinda is bumming. So my mood is going down like the stock market did yesterday. Currently I'm looking at making myself happy again. I think watching some tv is going to do the trick...until next good to yourself
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