catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Until recently I thought that people who go out and party all of the time weren’t serious about anything. I didn’t like parties. I still don’t feel comfortable at them. Basically I think I’m too serious…to deep all the time. Maybe there needs to be a little less seriousness in my life.

I spend no time getting ready for anything unless I’m with my baby. Maybe that needs to change. I had a roommate give me a makeover last year and then a group of my friends and I went out. I have never gotten stared at so much. (see pic) That felt good. But, the thing is, I thought that if I started doing that all the time then I could never stop and I’d end up like this roommate of mine and spend half my life getting ready. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing. Basically my beauty regime was to make sure I don’t smell bad and was wearing clean clothes. I’m thinking that maybe that should change a bit. I’m also not exercising like I use to. I want to change that too.

You see I don’t want to have people notice me. I just want to feel good. I don’t know. This is just a lot of babbling. I’ve turned into a cynical lazy slob and I really don’t like it.
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