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Why the hell am I up at 7:30 on a Sunday.

I had another dream. This one wasn't really bad, but kind of eye opening (no pun intended). You know you've gone too far Geek when you start dreaming it. We have a 670 at work. They gave an LPAR class of which I didn't attend and got to skim class material after the fact.

Let me back up.

Yesterday was great.

I went flying, hung out with a friend. Ate Samari Sams. Went to Rules of Attraction, which I highly recommend even though it's kind of a fucked up movie, Went shopping, Watched Truth about Cats and Dogs, Played Chess, Had Pizza. Friend left, I changed into pj's and ended up crashing on the couch watching some movie on TV. So I woke up this morning from this dream.

I was talking to someone my life in the last year. They were like you seperate your life out too much. You've got Work life, Social live, AZ life, Omaha life, Lincoln life, In those you have a subset of activity with a subset of people you associate with. Then I was like so I LPAR my life, at least when part goes to hell in a handbasket, the rest are spared. So this kid took a drink of whatever coffee shop beverage he was drinking and a drag of his cig. Then he said that I was correct, but why does it have to be so complicated? I slip from one stage to another putting on the approporite masks and doing the correct dance. There was more talk. Then is there something better then what I'm doing? Then he said sometimes the simple answer to an ambiguous challenge is the best answer, sometimes it's not, you have to decide.

This just is kind of significant, and I don't know what to make of it. Lately my dreams have been holy terrors about people I know, places I've been, and things I want to do. The thing thats distrubing is I know who this someone I was talking to is. I'm sleepy again I'll think more later.
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