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What a fun night. I'm into this girlie kick now. I really don't know why except I'm curious and what's the worst that can happen. So I'm Slowly learning all the stuff I should have learned when I was Playing soccer, and stuff. So tonight it was snowing and I was like what the hell lets try doing one of the masks that was on this site I found. So picture this. Phone iddn't ring all night so I get a small bowl and pour somehoney in it and start applying it to my face, (random fact, honey is an anticeptic so if you cut yourself and don't have anything to put on it on it...super glue works well on paper cuts too.) So I'm sitting there with honey on my face, that needs to stay on for 30 minutes. So I'm stting there kind of typing a story and I forgot about heat. See if it's hot then honey tends to get more runny. So my mask started dripping off. So I was catching the drips mean while the phone rang and my friend wanted to talk. So I'm catching drips and trying to talk w/o getting the phone sticky. Then The phone rang again and it was someone calling me out. He was like what are you doing, and I was like to be honest, I have about a quarter of a cup of honey on my face. Nothing astonishes like the truth. So I ended up waiting the 30 minutes taking a shower, because by then I was sooo damn sticky. And going kareokeeing. There's this cool place near my house, well not so near, and not many people are there which is good, because I'm shy, but I've decided to get over this shyness, because I'm going to have to some day but today right? So totally sober, I sang about 5 songs. It was great. I don't think I made anyone deaf. I really like to sing, but I freeze like a puddle in the middle of winter if I can see people in the audience. So that was great.

In other news, my pager told me via AP network news that they found a burial box that said James brother of Jeasus. Now the question I have is this. Would a new apropos exclaimation be Holy James, nephew of God?
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