catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Adventure number one today.

I went to tea. It was this awsome little tea shope in dundee where you have to make reservations and so I called and did. There I got my tea leaves read and a tarrot reading. It was fun. I talked to this old lady who's daughter is on a plane to phx and we talked about time zones. This place was cool, in a calm non melodramatic sort of way. I had full tea service. I had my first potato chip in probably 15-20 years. Potato chips go well with chamomile tea. I remember why people like them now. There were all these little english pastries. I like the date bread I had, and the scone, as well as this little creame filled pastry. Could have done without the lemon pudding, queshe(sp) and the chocolate/cherry type desert). THe tomato and basil sandwich was good, could have passed on the cucumber creme cheese and the one that looked like it was egg.

Then I had my tarrot reading. Then we had an interesting talk about karma and soulmates. (She ended up needing a ride and I drove her home) I have some things to chew on.

Seriously. I have soo much to do and be. And I have learned the lesson that I needed to learn. I have the loveyest cat in the world so I'll write later.
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