catch22 (catch22) wrote,

I just bought the bestest movie. "Into the woods" Maybe it's the memories it brings back or the message, but I get so smilie watching it.

I'm so happy right now and I shouldn't be, my truck was broken into and it's gonna cost, when all has been said and done, about 1500 to fix it, thank god for insurance. It was an unexpected vacation. With unexpected company which I was truly thankful for. So now I'm without truck for 10 days. I miss it already. But that's another story....rather then find myself sulking I found myself terrified about the car I have to drive for 10 days and laughing about what I must have looked like walking out the door this morning. I hope someone up there is taking photographs of moments like that and you get to see them in a "This is your life" theme moment when you die. I think that moment will be one of the pics. I also need to thank the people who helped me out today.

I wonder if it's a more complex problem to love someone or to let someone love you?
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