catch22 (catch22) wrote,

And back to square one...The world seems to flash A million miles a second this morning. I think it's being worried someone is going to fuck up the rental, I have a server that needs tapes badly and will most likely crash any minute now, the tapes are somewhere in omaha. It's funny. I can close my eyes and see things replay like those nature videos where they show plants growing at super warp speed. Things have always been move at break neck speed for me. I feel the urge to go back to that only because that's the life I know. I'm passing on college one more quarter. I really want to take photography because I want to play in a dark room again. It's hard to believe I use to spend 10 hours or so in a dark room...and learned how to do all that shit on my own.

I talked to someone who was afaid of being alone a few days ago. I'm not sure that being alone is terrible. I think there are scarier things like um dentists. I got about 35 calls between 4pm and 10pm last night. My phones rang more last night then it has in a month....crazy huh? Also props to State Farm is needed, My car is set to be inspected and fixed thursday The guy who's replacing my stereo has already called. YAAAAY State Farm.

It was a page filled morning already. I think that's why I'm all weird. I think I'm just going to go into work now I need to work some OT to not have to take vacation for yesterday. I also need to sign up for the flu shot and get an appointment to give blood.

I'm also on the virge of doing some crazy shit. If it happens I'll write about it. Lets say after some of this happens I think i have enough material to write a book.
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