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catch22's Journal
Saturday, November 16th, 2002

Date:2002-11-16 10:33
Mood: amused

Quote from the morning: "God dammit, No Ben you can't have a wash cloth......Here are some paper towels."

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Date:2002-11-16 19:59

Wireless network fixed. WHen in doubt manually recalibrate the WAP

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Date:2002-11-16 20:19

So the experiment begins.
I can feel my body return to pre everything state.
This is good and bad. So the experiement is as follows:

Track mood and cycle info for a few months (depending if my cycle ever comes back)
Try the suggested doses of Vit. B and E.
Get back on an exercise scheme
Meditate to reduce stress level...after the knot the size of a baseball living in my shoulder for the last week, this is important.
Find a class to take.

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