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She greeted the cold winter air with flared nostrils. Blowing warmth, shivering with excitement. The barn had held her captive for way to long, and the snow covered pasture greeted her wearing a new winter the gate creaked open, she danced and fidgeted every muscle flinching with excitement. Every muscle building up to the moment when the lead was off and she could go tearing down the paddock without a care in the world.

Diamonds, sparkling in the sunlight flew from the ground as she tore out of there. Running, nothing more then the simple pleasure of controlling her speed distance and direction. She slid to a stop in a drift where the dirt pile use to be and rolled there regardless. The flakes got caught in and melted in her golden coat. She rolled back up and shivered as the wind gust picked up and played with her hair. It was beautiful. It was freedom.
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