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A blast from the past

Enter stage left. Cross to down center stage. The stage is dark. The stage is empty. Nothing is there. Now. Something is born. The lights raised. A character is born. The world is created. Created from borrowed parts of everyone present. We are emotionally tied to this world. It pulls us deeper and deeper into its reality. Look away, back to your reality. They aren't the same. The temptation is there to give in. There's a seduction that draws one through the stage portal. We fall. Willful prisoners captivated in our captivity. Comical is it not? The barrier between realities. The tie that binds us here can be torn apart with one prop. Result: The worlds come colliding in Hope enters stage right and lurks in the background. Clothed in black with silver tipped eagle wings. Tragedy enters through a trap upstage, also clothed in white and gold lined dragon wings. The lights fade and attention is paid to our character. A hero and anti-hero all rolled up in one. With the power and greed to combine all worlds into one, but the knowledge to know reversal of the process is not possible. Out from under our character's facade comes the prop. A two-sided coin with one face saying creation and the other side destruction. It is flipped. Tragedy leans in ready to pounce. Hope closes her eyes. The coin bounces and lands. Destruction. He pounces on our character. Darkness flashes and the sound of the coin striking and spinning on the hardwood stage is heard. Then the light is returned. The spotlight come on to the very spot where the sound is produced. Fate cuts through the darkness. The coin stops and falls in front of her. Creation. She picks up the prop replaces it with a single tulip plant and exits stage left. The tulip fades into the darkness, into the silence. The curtain falls and the house lights are brought up. We return to the point we ended at in our reality with the conclusion of the characters reality and begin the rest of our life.
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