catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Conformity is really amusing. I had the most crappy day at work much that my shoulders are tense from stress. But I am sitting here laughing at myself because of the situation. I got a bumble bee pin the other day...I didn't think much about it till I heard the story behind it...I immediately put it on. The story won't be in this post so ask if you care.

So I'm sitting there today. In the middle of me getting ambushed, and I had to laugh because I basically turned around and said my piece. Even though I had a tear or two sneek out, but I cry at everything that's not important. I think i surprised this guy because I was pretty blunt and I'm usually terrified of him. Because I don't trust him, and those type of people are best to avoid.

So I had to sit there all amused and pissed off at the same time, while IBM was trying to get hold of me for the 3 service calls I put in to them. I have 1 at level 3 (I think) 1 at level 2 and 1 at level 1.

So the whole point of this ramble is I sat there thinking about what i was being ambushed on. Thinking about how it's interesting how we are so eager to conform. If you're told something enough times, or conditioned enough to a situation, do can you unlearn the reaction or belief you picked up? How long does it take to unlearn it? When do we realize that it's happened/ing? Ok enough questions...time for dinner.
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