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It's interesting just sitting here, in the dark with the glare of the monitor screen lighting things up. My cat is following the cursor and I'm about ready to pee my pants from laughing at her.

My back hurts really bad. I think I'm like really bothered by this guy at work. I have to appreciate him, because I pushed back this week when he pushed, and now I'm getting the things I need to do my job.

I also think I'll be ok job wise...I get training in December. I have to pick Houston or Texas to go to...or they're going to send me to Philly...not so much a fan of that. This is good news. If I go train in December, that means I can train next year again. I'm a big fan of this idea, and it gives me hope that there will be a real job (for lack of a better definition) at the end of next year. There are plans that I'll go into pager rotation in 2004. So I have a year to take some classes and/or pick up a second job. I want to take photography, Math or Philosopy, Japanese or Spanish.

I am loving the quiet tonight. I'm getting in the habit of telling people how it is while being nice. You can do both. Tonight I'm not dancing either. My back hurts too bad. I really should have gotten a massage, but I tend to sleep deep and not hear the pager.

I still don't know where to start on this writing project of mine.
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