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It is soo cold. I have my answer to my scratch tape issue. The server eats less then 10 a night Even with a massive surge of new stuff. I really should get clothes on and go to work. I really should find out how not to use a new stack of tapes when I get to work. There's got to be an extra 20 tapes hiding somewhere, I don't want to use new ones. Ok wtf am I talking about Geek stuff?

Once I stop shivering I'll be fine I think. Note to self: leave heat on at night. Pay phone bill, don't touch cell phone till 9pm. I needed more sleep. Tonight I agree I'd meet Greg at the Shark club for a pool lesson, I'm not sure I'm in the mood. Oh well the day is going to continue w/ or w/o me might as well see what I can complete in it.

it's so cold my cat hasn't come out from under the covers. HEHE :)
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