catch22 (catch22) wrote,

Home again home again.

Today flew bye, unfortuantely I only got half the shit I needed to get done finished...

I really shouldn't go karekoke tonight, but I already agreed to. It's a busy busy rest of the week. TOnight is GM meeting, Kareoke. Tomorrow I may have sleep all night long night, Friday I have FAC, Martini's at Charlies, Then There's something else going on. Saturday I have Ice Skating in the morning, Maintence at 4PM, and a friends 21st bday at 8. Sunday is recovering time, and Miss Saigon.

My thoughts wander alot less when I'm driven. They still do wander. Life reminds me of the trap. The one where there's something in a container that you want. You can put your hand in and take it out at will, but if you try to take the item out of the container your hand gets stuck.

New thought...Break the container, or "manually recalibrate it" *giggle*

Off to my meeting.
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